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Simply ask the AI assistant, and generate detailed questions on any topic instantly. Customize the complexity of your questions as needed – all for free!

šŸ¤– Assistant

The fastest way to build quizzes and worksheets with AI!

Your AI Assistant that writes your quizzes!

Your AI Assistant that writes your quizzes!

Ask the Arlinear assistant something like… “write me a simple algebra question for my grade 10 students

Very Smart

Very Smart

The assistantĀ uses real information to create questions.

Ask the assistant to write in-depth questions on any topic of your choice.

Generate Multiple Questions at Once

Generate Multiple Questions at Once

You can ask the assistant to create multiple questions at a time. Saving you hours in research!

Online quiz & paper quiz

Evaluate your students Online or on Paper

Invite students to take your quiz online or print your quiz on paper!

Never Grade Again!

Your quiz... graded automatically!

All questions in Arlinear quizzes are able to be graded automatically.

You can view all of your students’ submissions before releasing final grades to them.

Quiz grades. Download grades as csv & release grades

View, Release & Export Grades

View your student submissions & release grades when you’re ready. Your students will be notified via email.

Note: You can also export grades as an Excel file!

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