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Generate a quiz or worksheet in seconds using our AI-powered quiz maker. Obtain a quiz on subjects like math, science, grammar, or any other topic! Be as specific as you wish, and receive detailed questions on any subject instantly.

Pro tip: Upload a PDF file to create a personalized quiz based on your content. 

Share your quiz with students and monitor their grades. Each quiz is graded automatically, and students receive useful written feedback on how to improve their answers.

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The fastest way to build quizzes and worksheets with AI!

Your AI Assistant that writes your quizzes!

Your AI Assistant that writes your quizzes!

Ask the Arlinear assistant something like… “write me a simple algebra question for my grade 10 students

Very Smart

Very Smart

The assistant uses real information to create questions.

Ask the assistant to write up in-depth questions on any topic of your choice at a time.

Upload your PDF files

Upload your PDF files

Test your students on your classroom content by uploading a file (PDF or images .jpg/.png). This will create a quiz based on the content in the file.

How Can I Create a Quiz?

Follow this step-by-step guide on how to create your first interactive quiz!

Online quiz & paper quiz

Evaluate your students Online or on Paper

Invite students to take your quiz online or print your quiz on paper!

AI Generated feedback

Prep for Exams with: Practice mode

Students get instant written feedback automatically (yes even in short answer questions) using Arlinear’s practice mode. Exam prep has never been easier!


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Your quiz... graded automatically!

All questions in Arlinear quizzes are graded automatically! 

You can view all of your students’ submissions by going to My Library and clicking on your quiz.

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