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Arlinear always strives for better. By focusing on intuitive user experience and versatile functionality, we achieve a fundamentally improved classroom experience for teachers and students.

How It Started

Fed up with the disregard of user experience typical of school softwares, as well the obvious inefficiency of grading assignments manually? Two students founded Arlinear. Their goals were to automate this grunt work, saving teachers time and giving students instant useful feedback on their assignments. This can all be achieved with a clean and intuitive user interface.


Creating and grading math questions using an easy-to-use platform that automates the hard work. Making plagiarism impossible by providing every student with unique questions. Whilst providing the teacher & students a user-friendly, online classroom experience to boost grades, save time & improve productivity.


Because the goal of Arlinear is to eliminate hard & reptitive work, whilst providing an excellent user experience, it must be intuitive to use. Therefore, we layed out Arlinear's apps & features to maximize productivity for teachers & students.


A platform that automates the process of creating & grading assignments. Due to the nature of this functionality, cheating is minimized because every student can be given a unique question set. In addition, it greatly improves the life of the teacher by automating repetitive & redundant workloads.

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A Team of Former Students

We are a team of students with first hand experience on the needs of teachers and students, as well as the shortcomings of current approaches. We are dedicated to learning through school and self-teaching, as well as using this knowledge to improve the education experience for others.

  • Improve student experience for online classes
  • Eliminate cheating
  • Automate workflow for teachers
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