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Arlinear Connects with Edusity at Collision 2022

*Arlinear Connects with Edusity at Collision 2022  As 2022 comes to an end, we’d like to take a look back at some exciting moments that Arlinear has had in the EdTech space. After the official launch of our Quiz Builder in February 2022, it was a very eventful year for the company. Arlinear attended and was featured as an ALPHA startup at the “Olympics of Tech”, Collision Conference. Collision 2022 took place in Toronto, Ontario at the Enercare Center in June. The innovative startup focused event featured over 1000 tech startups and companies from over 130 countries around the world. Major brands such as AWS, AirBnb, Uber, & more also attended the event.   Arlinear was pleased to meet a fellow ALPHA startup in the EdTech space, Edusity. Founded in 2018, edusity.com is a full fledged LMS (learning management system) that offers online courses on Language, Business, Software, & more. Edusity allows teachers to create and post their courses. Students are able to purchase the course, watch course content, and take quizzes to complete the course.   Edusity has one of the largest pools of language courses on the market, making them a great resource for students to learn a new language.   Arlinear and Edusity are currently in talks of integrating Arlinear’s math question engine into Edusity’s quizzes… Now adding math support for all Edusity courses! This would make Mathematics courses available for educators to offer on the Edusity platform. The news is unconfirmed but we are looking forward to the potential partnership.   Feel free to check out edusity.com to learn more or sign up for a free Edusity account  

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