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Transform PDFs into Interactive Quizzes

Test your students on your classroom content with our AI Quiz Maker. Upload your PDF (or image), and let Arlinear craft engaging, personalized quizzes in seconds.

PDF to quiz

Quick & Easy Quiz Creation

Turn your PDFs (or images) into interactive quizzes in three simple steps.

1. Upload Your File

1. Upload Your File

Start by uploading the PDF file or image you want to convert into a quiz.

2. Generate your Quiz

2. Generate your Quiz

Our advanced AI analyzes your PDF content and generates relevant questions designed to challenge your student’s understanding of the given topic.

3. Quiz Ready to Take!

3. Quiz Ready to Take!

Your interactive quiz is now ready to send to your students or export/print!

Why Choose Our AI Quiz Maker?

Auto Question Generation

Save time with AI that understands your PDF's content and creates relevant and challenging questions instantly.

Customizable Quizzes

Tailor your quizzes to fit your student’s learning goals. You can also adjust difficulty levels and what type of questions you wish to have.

Monitor Student Grades

Gain insights into quiz performance with detailed grades and feedback options.

AI Generated feedback

Prep for Exams with: Practice mode

Students get instant written feedback automatically (yes even in short answer questions) using Arlinear’s practice mode. Exam prep has never been easier!


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