Grading Quizzes

Easily manage your students’ submissions & release quiz results via email or download as an excel spreadsheet.

Never Grade Again!

Your quiz... graded automatically!

All questions in Arlinear quizzes are graded automatically! 

You can view all of your students’ submissions by going to My Library and clicking on your quiz.

Share quiz results with your students via...



When you’re ready… release your quiz results + individual feedback to all students that attempted your quiz.

Each student will receive an email with…

  • Their score/grade
  • Their quiz submission
  • Written feedback from you (optional)
Download as Excel Sheet

Download as Excel Sheet

You can download your quiz results as an excel spreadsheet to do with as you please.

Quiz grades spreadsheet includes:

  • Score as percentage & whole numbers (9/10 or 90%)
  • Individual written feedback for student (if applicable)

View, Release & Export Grades

View your student submissions & release grades when you’re ready. Your students will be notified via email.

Note: You can also export grades as an Excel file!

Quiz grades. Download grades as csv & release grades

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