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The only quiz builder where you can:

  • Easily build your quiz
  • Generate unique question variants
  • Automate 100% of your grading work
Teacher happy that her grading was automatically completed. Teacher happy that her grading was automatically completed.
Never grade again!
Arlinear quizzes are now...
Arlinear quizzes are now 100% auto graded

Easily Build
Your Quiz

Easily Build
Your Quiz

Writing Questions

Flexibility is important for you and your students. Build your quiz using the following question types:

  • Short Answer Questions
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Math Questions
Short Answer Questions
Auto-grading available

Define an “expected answer”. This will be the “correct answer” for this question

Try it yourself!

Expected answer: "Canada"

1. What is the 2nd largest country in the world by land area?

correct Correct
correct Incorrect
Multiple Choice Questions
Auto-grading available

Define one or multiple answers as correct. Multiple choice questions are graded automatically.

Try it yourself!

Correct Answer(s): 1867

2. What year did Canada gain its’ independance?

correct Correct
correct Incorrect
Math Questions
Auto-grading available

Define variables, give context, and write your problem. You’re able to write any math question that can be written on paper.

Try it yourself!

x = (integer between 0-100)
In this case: x = 6

3. Solve for x .

x - 2 = 4
x =
correct Correct
correct Incorrect
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My answer was not formatted correcty! Can you fix my grade...
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No Short Answer Formatting!

Student answers are case-insensitive and ignore unimportant punctuation like:

Student marked correctly icon Try it yourself!
CORRECT ANSWER = "Wilfrid Laurier"

1. Who’s face is on the Canadian $5 bill?

correct Correct
correct Incorrect

Customize Your Quiz Experience

Use the following properties to customize your quiz’s rules.

quiz questions being sorted quiz questions being sorted

Easily Sort & Order Your Questions

Arlinear offers simple tools to order your quiz’s questions for a versitile evaluation experience

  • Easily sort questions
  • Randomize question order
  • Define how many questions are shown per page during the evaluation

Preview Your Quiz & See What Students See

Easily preview your quiz the way your students would see it. You’re able to..

  • View your questions
  • Answer your questions
  • Check correct answers and more
quiz questions being sorted quiz questions being sorted
Arlinear blog Arlinear blog

How Do I Build My First Quiz?

Don't know where to start? This article covers the basics of

  • Create your first quiz
  • How to write math questions
  • How to randomize your questions
Read Article
Arlinear's grade dashboard Arlinear's grade dashboard

Auto-Generate Unlimited Unique Variants of a Math question

Using the Math question type, define unique variables and assign them to a base math problem.

The variables will change for each student, resulting in unique questions served to students.

Educator-first approach to

Quiz questions can be dynamically generated. Therefore, we can assign infinite (and unique) quizzes to each student.

Ai Generated Questions:
By giving every student a unique quiz, cheating is no longer possible
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Three different students are given the same quiz, their questions will look something like this:

Student 1
Take the derivative of this equation:
Student 2
Take the derivative of this equation:
Student 3
Take the derivative of this equation:

These are auto-generated question variants created by our artificial intelligence program. Teachers can create one question and generate infinite variants of that same question.

Save Time Creating Questions (& variants)

Speed up the test/exam creation process without relying on over-used test banks. Arlinear gives teachers the freedom to put their students first and focus on educating their class.

Fully Eliminate Cheating

Arlinear never repeats questions to students in the same classroom. By generating 100% unique tests, students will no longer be able to cheat their way through classes.

Automatically Grade Quizzes & Provide feedback

Grades and useful feedback are released automatically to students. Time-consuming grading work is easily automated, and students can start learning from their mistakes immediatly.

User Friendly Classroom Experience

Our mission statement includes a heavy focus on user-experience. We offer features like classroom/students analytics, direct messaging, task managers & more. All in a clean and intuitive package.

Arlinear's grade dashboard Arlinear's grade dashboard

All grading is done for you!

Work smarter, not harder.
Want to learn how to fully automate your grading work?

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Teacher happy that she saved a ton of time grading by using Arlinear

Teachers can save
Using Arlinear’s free quiz builder

*Given a calculus class of 150 students given 1 assignment per week, assuming each assignment takes only 10 minutes to grade.